About Us

Strengthening People; Nurturing Relationships; Building Communities

We provide services that promote safe, healthy, and respectful relationships for everyone in our community. Most importantly, we offer hope. Our counselling services and group programs are provided by qualified and experienced counsellors using trauma- and violence-informed practice. Client needs are the most important thing to us and we work on creating a space that is safe, respectful, inclusive, and welcoming. We provide services that help people handle life challenges.

We support youth, couples, families, and individuals in their journey towards healthier relationships with themselves, with others, and with the community.

We offer counselling support and group programming for those:

  • experiencing intimate partner violence
  • wanting to solve problems without violence
  • seeking to build healthy relationships
  • experiencing separation and divorce
  • wishing to enhance their parenting skills
  • requiring support for their mental wellness
  • needing to access anger management programming

Our Mission:

We serve individuals, families, and the community to nurture safe, healthy, and respectful relationships.

Our Vision:

Healthy individuals and families contributing to a strong community.

Our Guiding Principles:


strive to be at our best for those we work with, for those we serve and for ourselves.
Respect We treat each other with compassion and consideration, and we value diverse perspectives.
Communication We are committed to being professional, authentic, clear, honest and consistent in all forms of communication.
Collaboration We actively engage with and support each other as we work toward a common goal.
Responsibility We are accountable for our work, actions, contributions, and decisions.
Trust We believe the best about each other and conduct ourselves with integrity, authenticity, and empathy.


For all people on an equitable basis without regard to race, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation, age, or financial status.


Of individuals and families through innovative, diverse, and high-quality services.


Using a holistic, collaborative, and gender-sensitive approach in the provision of services.


Of employees and students, high ethical standards, and a commitment to professional development.


In our working environment and relationships with colleagues, professional partners, and clients.


With high importance and respect for their role, supervision, and training.


With other non-profit organizations, public sector agencies, and businesses for the purpose of fulfilling our mission.

Annual Reports

Membership and affiliations:

Board of Directors

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Kyle Christopherson photo - board member of Family Service Saskatoon

Kyle Christopherson

Madasan Yates

Ivy Armstrong photo - board member of Family Service

Ivy Armstrong

Andrew Gaucher photo - board member of Family Service Saskatoon

Andrew Gaucher

David Nwosu

Janvi Tuteja

Jessica Wasylynka photo - board member of Family Service

Jessica Wasylynka

Penny Babbings

Julia Eichholz image - board member of Family Service

Julia Eichholz

Sara Alonso

Siobhan Morgan

Karlee Schulzke

Executive Team

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Janine Baumann photo - Executive Director of Family Service Saskatoon

Janine Baumann

Executive Director

Myrna Kanigan photo - Director of Programs at Family Service

Myrna Kanigan

Director of Programs

Ian Shaw photo - Manager of Youth Programs at Family Service Saskatoon

Ian Shaw

Youth Project Manager

Martha Hollinger photo - Executive Assistant at Family Service Saskatoon

Martha Hollinger

Executive Assistant

Faith Rowland photo - Fund Development Officer and Childcare Coordinator at Family Service

Faith Rowland

Fund Development Officer

Kevin Kobialka

Operations Manager


Janette Gamble photo - Intake Counsellor at Family Service Saskatoon

Janette Gamble

Intake Counsellor

Jillian Cowen


Kayla Seel image - counsellor at Family Service

Kayla Seel


Myron Peters photo - counsellor at Family Service Saskatoon

Myron Peters


Julianne Gordon photo - counsellor at Family Service

Julianne Gordon


Natasha Knorr


52 North Program

Martin Nyai photo - Youth Outreach Worker at Family Service Saskatoon

Martin Nyai

52 North Outreach Worker

Sheena Tremeer

52 North Counsellor

Kelsey Reddekopp staff photo - counsellor at Family Service Saskatoon

Kelsey Reddekopp

Youth Counsellor

Domestic Violence Court Program

Alana Gardiner

Domestic Violence Court Supervisor

Sadie Proctor

Intimate Partner Violence Outreach

Cara Fox

Intimate Partner Violence Outreach Counsellor

Chelsea Kentel

Intimate Partner Violence Outreach Counsellor

Jody Hanson

Intimate Partner Violence Outreach Counsellor

Child and Youth Support Program

Teddy Ward

Child and Youth Support Program Coordinator

Administrative Support

Loretta Morin


Staff pic Paula Nivins

Paula Nivins



Family Service Saskatoon is a registered charity and non-profit organization that has served the Saskatoon community and surrounding areas since 1931. We are a non-partisan organization, governed by a volunteer, community-based Board of Directors.

Behind the Name

Over the years, we’ve had a few different names.
In 1931, we were founded as the Family Welfare Association.
In 1961, the Association changed its name to the Saskatoon Family Service Bureau.
In 2001, it changed again to Family Service Saskatoon.
Although our name has changed since our foundation, our mission has always remained the same.

How it Started

The Family Welfare Association was founded in order to support those in the community who needed a little extra help. In 1930, the Canadian Welfare Council determined that the city of Saskatoon needed access to more resources in order to support those who were struggling. The Family Welfare Association became an avenue for these resources, providing families with professional social work services with a focus on supporting them.

When we formed in 1931, Mrs. C. K. Langford was appointed as the president. She was the first woman in Canada to become the president of a family welfare society.

Saskatoon Community Service Village

Since 2001, Family Service Saskatoon has been a member of the Saskatoon Community Service Village. The Village was built next to YWCA Saskatoon in 2001. The Saskatoon Community Service Village is a unique agency model. It was created as a space where 6 community-based partner agencies could work together to enhance the quality of life and services for the community. 

These agencies came together with the goal of operating more efficiently by sharing resources, strengthening each agency’s ability to serve, and improving ways of delivering services to the community.

Helping the Community

In 1947, we joined with the Canadian Welfare Council to protest increasing rent prices. Together, we advocated for the maintenance of rent control for at least another year, so lower income families could have time to adjust to increased expenses.
Since then, Family Service Saskatoon has continued to support the anti-poverty campaign that began in 2000. We also support the development and expansion of quality and affordable day care in Canada, and the end of the corporal punishment of children.
Today, we continue to focus on the prevention of harm and supporting youth, couples, families, and individuals in their journey towards healthier relationships with themselves, with others, and with the community.

These partner agencies include:

CFS Saskatoon
Family Service Saskatoon
Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service
Saskatoon Sexual Assault and Information Centre
United Way of Saskatoon and Area
YWCA Saskatoon

The Village is an example of effective partnering that demonstrates increased capacity to serve a wider range of clients with innovative and more integrated services. It is a meeting place for residents of Saskatoon where all can work together to build a stronger and more vibrant community.