Winter 2021 Programs

Winter 2021 Programs

Our Winter 2021 Program Brochure is here! Follow the link for a PDF, or read the text-only version below.

FSS 2021 Winter and Spring Programs

Call (306) 244-0127 for more information or to register!

Intimate Partner Violence Outreach  Program

This program offers support through short-term crisis intervention and counselling to individuals who are experiencing violence in their intimate partner relationships. Virtual support groups. No fee.

**Invisible Scars: Exploring Emotional, Verbal & Psychological Abuse

This 8-week group explores the impact of emotional, psychological, and verbal abuse on women’s lives. Provides support in healing the “invisible scars”. Closed virtual group.

Mondays 1-3:00pm      February 1st – March  29th

No Fee                       Pre-registration required

**Women’s Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Drop-In Group

This drop-in style virtual group provides a space for women who have experienced IPV to learn and support one another through sharing and discussion

Tuesdays 6:00pm-7:30pm

Thursdays 1:00 – 2:30pm

No Fee                      Pre-registration required the morning of each session at (306) 244-0127

**Abuse and Beyond

This 8-week virtual group provides women the opportunity to consider the impact of abuse in their lives and move toward healthy and positive relationships. Closed group. Registration required.

Mondays 1 – 3:00pm     April 12th – June 7th

No fee                        Pre-registration required

Men’s Working Group for Respectful Relationships
This group is for men who want to end their intimate partner violence and build respectful relationships. The program offers 33 hours of therapeutic group work and meets every other Saturday over a nine-week period. Pre-registration required. Ongoing registration; Fee: $1,500.00 includes group registration and two pre-group interviews.

**Adult Depression & Anxiety Group

A six-week group for adults experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression. Group discussions, information and practice activities are part of this group. Learn about the effects of anxiety and depression and how to build positive coping strategies.

Wednesdays 1:30 – 3pm Jan 27th – March 3rd

No Fee                         Pre-registration required

**Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program

Provides a safe place for parents to strengthen their knowledge, skills and self-confidence vital to healthy and effective parenting. It also encourages a strong and supportive social network among participants.

Mondays  2 – 4:00pm      March 15th – May 3rd

No Fee                         Pre-registration required

**When Anger Gets in the Way of Parenting

A six-week course offering guidance to parents or caregivers wishing to examine the impact anger has on their children. Participants will learn how to effectively parent children in a respectful manner.

Thursdays  6 – 8:00pm    Feb 4th – March 18th

Fee:  $240.00                Pre-registration required

**Effective Co-parenting Group

A six-week education program that provides information about the needs of parents, children and families coping with separation and divorce. This program offers skills for improving communication, resolving conflict, and managing day to day children’s issues between parenting partners.

Wednesdays 6 – 8:00pm   Feb 24th – March 31st

Fee: $240.00                 Pre-registration required

**Calming the Volcano Within  (Ages  12-18)

This eight-week group will help participants practice the skills needed to control anger and aggression. Topics will include identifying the signs of anger and triggers, examining consequences to anger, learning behavioral strategies to “let off steam”, and effective communication. Pre-registration and an interview are required.

Tuesdays 4 – 5:30pm      Feb 9th – March 30th

No Fee                         Pre-registration required

Gympowerment (Ages 12-18)

This eight-week group supports youth who may have experienced challenges with bullying, cyberbullying or other types of violence. Topics will explore strengthening well-being and resilience through awareness, movement, belonging and connection. Light Supper provided. Transportation can be provided.

Mondays 4:45 – 6:45pm Jan 25th – March 22nd
No Fee                         Pre-registration required

DIY – Do It for Yourself (Ages 12-24)

This six-week group will provide a space for youth to share their voices, have safe discussions and make a DIY crafting activity. Topics about healthy relationships, boundary setting, dating violence, gender and sexuality, informed consent, communication skills, and more. Pre-registration is required.

Wednesdays 4:30 – 6pm Feb 3rd – March 17th

No Fee                         Pre-registration required

Drop-In and Bounce Back: Resilience and Well-being (Ages 12 – 24)

A weekly drop-in group for youth ages 12-24. A different topic will be presented and explored each week related to ways to strengthen personal resilience and well-being. Come and have some fun and meet others. 6 spaces available weekly.

Thursdays 4:30-6pm

No Fee             Pre-registration required each week

Parent Education Saskatchewan
This resource links parenting services across the province and provides support and information to those facilitating or organizing parent support or education services.

Parent Education Saskatchewan

**Group delivered virtually via Zoom

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