Who we are

Healthy families contributing to a strong community.

Family Service Saskatoon offers services and leadership that support individuals, families and the communities in nurturing safe, healthy and respectful relationships.

Our staff are fully qualified and experienced counsellors and group facilitators.

We Value:

  • Accessibility of our services to all people on an equitable basis without regard to race, religious belief, sexual orientation, age or financial status.
  • Individuals, families, communities, and our focus is to promote their health and growth through innovative, diverse and high quality services.
  • Client entitlement and empowerment using a holistic, collaborative and gender sensitive approach in the provision of services.
  • Our professionalism, the high ethical standards it demands, and the related commitment to professional development of staff and students.
  • Cooperative partnerships with other non-profit organizations, public sector agencies and business for the purpose of fulfilling our mission.
  • A working environment that is collegial, and family friendly.