The Evermore Centre

June 16, 2022

The Evermore Centre, formerly known as the Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan, offers comprehensive support and education services to those impacted by permanency. The centre offers various services to birth parents exploring options, prospective parents exploring adoption, adoptees seeking reunion, and families created through permanency. The Evermore Centre believes that education about adoption and permanency leads to success for families formed through permanency or adoption.

In addition to the work the centre does with those impacted by permanency, the Evermore centre also offers a mentoring program, counselling, a library, an online resource portal, and other education support programs.  Support groups include Parent Talk (online support network), the Adoptee Support Group, Building Healthy Families, and other virtual workshops.

For more information on the Evermore Centre visit or call 1-306-665-7272 to connect with their staff.

See their brochure.