April 19, 2024

Spring cleaning is coming up, and it does not have to be solely parents’ responsibility. Kids helping with chores not only helps with household upkeep, but it also helps kids contribute to the family in meaningful ways. Kids can develop responsibility, a sense of accomplishment, and accountability. The website Parenting For Brain has some great ideas on the topic. Here are some tips for starting a chore routine with children by Pamela Li (2024):

  1. Make chores fun (make it a game or a race).
  2. You don’t necessarily need a chore chart (in some cases children might not respond well to the chart, if not try something else!)
  3. Don’t force children to do chores when they sometimes say no (families are a team, be understanding to your child’s thoughts/feelings).
  4. Thank them (praise reinforces positive behavior; who doesn’t like being recognized for their hard work?).

Also, make sure that the chores given are appropriate for the age(s) of your children. If you need some ideas check out this link for some inspiration.