FSS Response to Black Lives Matter – George Floyd

FSS Response to Black Lives Matter – George Floyd

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Family Service Saskatoon unites its voice with the rest of the world and takes a stand against racism, discrimination, oppression, and intolerance in all forms.

We stand against injustice against people of colour and particularly persons of Black African descent in response to the murder of Gorge Floyd, and in all other ways by which hopes and dreams are killed and dashed through overt and covert, systemic and institutional structures.

As an organization that is established on the principles and core values that support individuals, families and the communities in nurturing safe, healthy and respectful relationships we identify with those who are most impacted by the recent incident, especially individuals from the Saskatoon Black Communities.

We are open to learning from you, journeying with you, and within our organizational capacity work with you to come up with strategies on how best to nip in the bud any current and emerging issues surrounding racism, discrimination, oppression, and intolerance in Saskatoon and area.

We recognize the contributions of persons from visible minority groups to organization and community building in Saskatoon and beyond, and we reaffirm our commitment to:

1. service accessibility to all people on an equitable basis without regard to race, religious belief, sexual orientation, age or financial status;

2. individuals, families, communities, and our focus is to promote their health and growth through innovative, diverse and high quality services;

3. client entitlement and empowerment using a holistic, collaborative and gender sensitive approach in the provision of services, and;

4. a working environment that is collegial, and family friendly.


Janine Baumann

For and on behalf of Family Service Saskatoon

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