Social Media & Parental Stress

June 29, 2023

Social media has a strong presence in our day-to-day lives, allowing us a place to connect and share our stories. However, it also becomes a place of stress, shame, and guilt when we see others are seemingly ‘thriving’ and are not struggling in the same ways we are. This is especially prevalent with parents; there are so many sources of advice or contradicting opinions or pages shaming other parents present on social media.

Is social media really the ‘relaxing’ escape it was once made out to be? Online advice magazine, Parents, shares interesting research that shows that social media can increase parents’ stress levels, lead to more social comparisons with other parents, and can increase the negative emotions parents feel. Check out this interesting article from Parents Magazine to learn more about how social media might be impacting your mental health.

stressed woman for post about parental depression and anxiety and mental health

Source: Holland, 2022